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Meteorological Detection UAV


Meteorological Detection UAV

UAV6000 is a compact medium-low altitude meteorological detection UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), with measurement of temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other factors. With the design concept of modular, solid and digital sensor, you can quickly monitor the air quality and environmental information, and improve the access to information on the speed and accuracy. The application of mature UAV is to build flight control platform with replaceable pod design, according to the different detection needs of the sensor type or camera platform. In the data analysis platform, horizontal and vertical data distribution diagram will be presented according to the GPS and terrain, and calculate and display the atmospheric 3D state.

To combine the meteorological detection equipment and UAV, it could be better to serve the modern meteorological services, and bring more convenience for the meteorological observation outdoor operations with the strong flexibility of UAV, and free from geographical restrictions and cost advantages.

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