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ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd is a?leading?manufacturer?and solution provider?specialized in?meteorological calibration, atmospheric and environmental monitoring. ?Established in 2002, ZOGLAB has its headquarter?located?in?Hangzhou, China.??ZOGLAB is a research driven company that focuses on customer needs and continuous innovation. ?For?the?past 17?years,?ZOGLAB has established itself as an innovative and respected world-wide player in the field with strong partnership with CMA, WMO, and many world renowned research institutes.

ZOGLAB product?lines?cover areas of environmental?and atmospheric?monitoring,?metrology and calibration, advanced?meteorological?systems, optical telemetry,?and vertical observation. ?In addition to professional instruments and systems,?ZOGLAB designs, develops, and delivers highly?customized solutions?and turnkey projects. ?Key application industries include?meteorology,?hydrology,?aviation,?pharmaceutical, chemicals, and?agriculture.?With a strong?R&D team, dedication to customers, and continuous improvement,?ZOGLAB?has gained the trust and acceptance from?many?global 500 companies?and national meteorological/hydrology departments around the world.

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