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ideal & future

How to explore the unknown is a lifetime passion. As a professional manufacturer specialized in instruments for atmosphere and environment, ZOGLAB provides abundant culture, resources and experience for you to realize what keep in mind here.
ZOGLAB welcomes the participation of talents with different background, culture, language and belief. With such a kind of diversification, the unique cooperation culture comes into being. It helps ZOGLAB create and provide outstanding and reliable solutions for Laboratory, electronics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, meteorology, etc.

  • Scientific management
    The biggest success comes from humanized management and strict working altitude
  • Promotion and Training
    Period training and test, opportunities for excellent employees to abroad training and share subscription
  • Employee activities
    Annual traveling, year-end party and lots of other welfare
  • Charitable activities
    Stick to promoting the development for charitable and public service with the value of altruism
  • Working environment
    A pleasant working mood with cozy working environment and advanced office facilities

Opportunities to be seen in the third recruitment platform:
CV sent to Email: [email protected]    Tel: 0571-87176990

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