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Pharmaceutical Quality Drawing Much Concern, Regulatory Authorities Strengthen the Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity

Economic growth helps drive our life better, and provides pharmaceutical industry with a better developing environment. However, as the demanding for pharmaceutical both at home and abroad soaring, pharmaceutical industry especially in China is confronted with a dilemma. On the one hand, it’s developing incredibly fast, bringing an amazing economic boom; on the other hand, drug safety issues and medical accidents accompany and increase, which have already drawn the attention of some regulatory authorities. To regulate the pharmaceutical industry, a standard temperature and humidity atmosphere is the key to guarantee quality. Therefore, it’s very important to monitor and log the data of temperature and humidity for pharmaceutical companies, cold chain logistic, drug distributors, hospitals, and medical research institute in the process of production, warehouse storage, transportation, and distribution.

Medications and medical devices have a certain range of adaption in terms of temperature and humidity. Medicines should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity, or the integrity will be affected, i.e. may be ineffective or even dangerous. As a basic requirement for GMP, GSP, FDA, GLP and other specifications, temperature and humidity data should be objective and secure from alteration, inadvertent erasures, or loss shall be maintained for back up use. ZOGLAB temperature and humidity data loggers manages to measure and record temperature and humidity data, give alarms when data is out of limited range, and build monitoring network systems. We also provide complete temperature and humidity solutions to pharmaceutical industry.

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