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  • SG6

    SG6 is a smart calibrating apparatus with high accuracy test and calibration, together with signal generating.

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  • MTC25

    MTC25 mobile dry block is a precision temperature calibrator with liquid bath/dry block combined.

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  • PG6000

    PG6000 pressure generator will generate and reach a pressure within 300hpa to 1100hpa randomly, and controlling resolution could reach 0.001hpa.

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  • PG600

    PG600 portable pressure generator supports multiple senors for mobile measurement and fully automatic programmable pressure generating.

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  • TM2000

    TM2000 high accuracy thermometer, measuring range:-189℃ to 960℃, temperature resolution reach to 0.0001℃.

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  • DPM2500

    DPM2500 is a precision differential pressure meter, measuring range could be selected within 0~7500Pa.

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  • APM1200

    APM1200 is a precision absolute pressure meter, measuring accuracy 0.08%FS.

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  • WTC60

    WTC60 metrology waterbath temperature calibrator is a precision auto temperature calibration instrument, measuring range -60℃~90℃.

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  • HG6000

    HG6000 is a two-flow humidity generator. Control range 5~95%RH, stability≤±0.2%RH.

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  • DM2000

    DM2000 is a precision dew point meter.Highest accuracy ±0.2°Cdp.

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